About the Creators

Sequentialink was created by a group of passionate writers and artists, to showcase stories that just wanted to be told, worrying more about completion than publication.  With dozens upon dozens of completed pages on file, it only made sense to start sharing them with the world.

Current contributors (in alphabetical order) include:

Samir Barrett


(Co-writer and Artist of THE BOLT STRIKESSamir Barrett is co-founder of Mind Wave Comics, creator of “The Bolt Strikes”, and professional fool.  He went to art school in Savannah where he majored animation a field that he does not work in.  His hobbies include paying student loans, never leaving his apartment, and wishing that transformers were real.

Lucy Bellwood


(Writer and Artist of BAGGYWRINKLES) Lucy Bellwood is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Portland, OR. When not working on her educational, autobiographical sailing comic Baggywrinkles, she contributes to publications such as Symbolia Magazine, Cloudscape Comics, and Cartozia Tales.  You may also find her sailing tall ships up and down the West Coast. It’s kind of a toss-up.

Kevin Castaniero


(Artist of BEER-O: MEANWHILE, IN THE VALLEYKEVIN CASTANIERO is a freelance artist based out of Atrashcadero, California. He attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning & Graphic Art for two years. His most recent work includes a four page backup story for the Archaia graphic novel “The Reason for Dragons”, as well as various personal projects. He is an avid participator in tom-foolery and lover of all things pizza.

Dave Dorman

RAIL page08-210

(Writer and Artist of RAIL: BROKEN THINGSDave is an Eisner Award winning illustrator of countless book covers and paintings best known for his work for Lucasfilm, where he was named “The #1 Star Wars Artist of All Time” by Star Wars Galaxy Magazine.  He has also illustrated such massively popular brands as G.I. Joe, Indiana Jones, Dungeons & Dragons, and Aliens (for which he won said Eisner).

Davide Fabbri


(Artist of BLESSINGDavide is best known for his work on Star Wars for Dark Horse and Paolo Parente’s Dust.  He has illustrated numerous series for DC, Dark Horse, and Wildstorm, as well as various European publishers from his home country of Italy.

Ryo Kawakami


(Artist of LOVE MACHINESRyo Kawakami is a freelance illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. His manga work can be seen across the globe, including World of Warcraft and Orange Crows from TokyoPop.

Mike Kennedy


(Writer of HUGO BROYLER, THINKING OUT LOUD, PROPHET HILL, L-ZERO, THE WRONG HERO, and BLESSINGMike has written numerous graphic novels for Dark Horse, DC, and Archaia, including titles such as Star Wars, Superman, Aeon Flux, Alien v Predator, Lone Wolf 2100, Batgirl, and Ghost. He has also scripted many original video games, including Dead to Rights, Def Jam: ICON, Unbound Saga, and several entries in The Army Men series.

Lucas Marangon


(Artist of THINKING OUT LOUD, colorist on VIVID and SUPER-EGOLucas is best known for illustrating numerous Star Wars titles, including the Tag and Bink series with writer Kevin Rubio, as well as for his original series Hellcyon.  Lucas also illustrated the original R.I.P.D. series for Dark Horse, which became a feature film this summer.

Denis Medri


(Artist of L-ZERODenis has illustrated numerous stories for Marvel and Dark Horse, as well as numerous titles in Europe from his home country of Italy.  His current project is Arcade Boy, featured in Dark Horse Presents.

Chris Northrop


(Writer and Colorist of BEER-O: MEANWHILE, IN THE VALLEY, Colorist of PROPHET HILLChris Northrop has worked as a freelance colorist for numerous major studios, and recently authored his first original graphic novel, The Reason for Dragons, from Archaia Entertainment. Additionally, Chris teaches comic arts at Artworks Studio and at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, CA. Chris currently lives in Los Angeles where he writes and colors all day, fueled by coffee and a love of his profession.

Caio Oliveira


(Writer/Artist of SUPER-EGO, MARVEL PULP FICTION, and RUIN OF THE INNOCENT, artist of PROPHET HILL and VIVIDCaio has illustrated scores of institutional and promotional strips in his home country of Brazil, and most recently illustrated the series No More Heroes

Francisco Paronzini

Hugo Broyler-Page26-210

(Artist of HUGO BROYLER and THE WRONG HEROFrancisco has illustrated numerous titles in Europe, the US, and his home country of Argentina, including Dead To Rights, Stormwatch, Star Wars, and Iron Fist.

Michael Schisler


(Artist of LOVE MACHINESMichael Schisler is a freelance cartoonist and animator currently living in Los Angeles. His debut work, Deadeye Dick gained attention for both its’ distinctive art style and innovative poetry. For more information about Michael and his creative projects visit his website at http://www.michaelschisler.com/

Josh Trujillo


(Writer of LOVE MACHINESJosh Trujillo is a comic book writer based in Los Angeles. More of Josh’s writing can be found in Archaia Entertainment’s The Reason for Dragons and Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond Gay & Straight from Northwest Press, among others. You can keep up with his latest projects at JoshTrujillo.com.

F. Ruiz Velasco


(Writer/Artist of CULEBRA and BATTLE GODS 2Francisco created and illustrated the series Battle Gods before co-creating the series Lone Wolf 2100 at Dark Horse.  He also illustrated numerous titles for Marvel and Dark Horse before joining Guillermo Del Toro’s production of Hellboy 2 as concept artist.  He continued to work with Del Toro during his years on The Hobbit, and most recently completed work on the feature blockbuster Pacific Rim.

Dave Wheeler


(Artist of THE BOLT STRIKES) A born comic enthusiast, Dave spent much of his child hood with his head in the clouds and his nose in his books. His formal education started in Savannah, Georgia as a Sequential Art major at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Four years and many a sleepless night later he graduated. While toiling away at SCAD he started MIND WAVE COMICS with his buddy Samir Barrett.  Check out the THE BOLT STRIKES and other awesome MIND WAVE titles at www.MINDWAVECOMICS.com 




If you would like to submit material for consideration, or contact us with any questions or suggestions, you can reach us at contact@sequentialink.com.