Eisner Award-winner Dave Dorman’s epic saga of the dystopian aftermath of the Iron Wars and the brave people who try to return Mortal City and The Wasted Lands to splendor begins HERE, with the original graphic novel RAIL: BROKEN THINGS, introducing a world of post-apocalyptic adventure!

Dave’s unique vision and unequivocal style on this series transcend his massive reputation as “The #1 Star Wars Artist of All Time (Star Wars Galaxy Magazine)” and illustrator of such massively popular brands as G.I. Joe, Indiana Jones, Dungeons & Dragons, and Aliens (for which he won said Eisner).  Influenced by the films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Akira Kurasawa, and Sergio Leone, this mind-bending saga is equal parts Mad Max, Sherlock Holmes, and Dune all rolled into a ruined future unlike anything you’ve seen before!