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• EDUARDO RISSO (100 Bullets) • RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE (American Vampire, Blue Beetle) • LEANDRO FERNANDEZ (Punisher, Hulk, The Names) • MARCELO FRUSIN (Hellblazer, Loveless) • GERMAN PERALTA (Moon Knight, Axis: Carnage) • MAX FIUMARA (BPRD, Abe Sapien) • RENATO GUEDES (Wolverine, Superman) • CAIO OLIVEIRA (Super-Ego, No More Heroes) • BENGAL (Batgirl, Naja) • DJET (Poet Anderson) • MATTEO DE LONGIS (VOX) • FRANCISCO RUIZ VELASCO (Pacific Rim, Hellboy) • NATHAN FOX (DMZ, Haunt, Blue Estate) • BEN CALDWELL (Prez, Dare Detectives) • BEN TEMPLESMITH (30 Days of Night, Wormwood, Squidder) • ZACH HOWARD (Wild Blue Yonder, The Cape) • DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON (Ghost Fleet, Space Mullet) • BRYNDON EVERETT (The World of Cassyno).


  • UPDATE #4: Talent spotlight on RISSO, PARONZINI, and KENNEDY! Plus: The History of SVL (Static Velocity Levitation) technology and the birth of SVL Racing!
  • UPDATE #3:  The PDF of the original 80 page story is now FREENote: it is black-and white lineart only — back the campaign to help us colorize, re-letter, and supplement the volume with 24 NEW pages by the amazing list of artists above!  Click here to download the ebook for free!  Then come back and support the re-mastered, expanded print edition!  Plus: New rewards added!

“holy hell writer Mike Kennedy managed to jam a ton of story into 80 short pages! …beautiful and fun, and if you have any love for that Miller style, you will love what Paronzini does here. ”