Have you joined the ICHABOD In-crowd yet??  And by that, I mean have you backed the ICHABOD JONES: MONSTER HUNTER Kickstarter?  It ends TONIGHT at 9p PST, so you only have a few hours left!!  Yes, they’ve hit their goal, but you can still hop on board to get your complete printed edition sent straight to your home!  You don’t even have to put pants or shoes on! It will come to YOU!!
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Okay, you’re back? (Already? Did you even leave?)  Just in time for the new news — are you ready for another awesome new story debut?  Starting this Friday, Oct 10th, slip into the far future where mankind has run extinct, survived only by machines and those augmented by machines.  Follow one lonely cyborg immortal as he wanders the ruins of what was, longing silently for those memories that seem as unreal as his reality seems to us…

AGELESS is illustrated by Kajo Baldissimo, and will debut with the first three pages this Friday, continuing with a new page every Friday!